Works on Waterways

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority is responsible for the control, management and authorisation of works and activities in or over designated waterways in the CMA’s waterway management district.

The CMA authorises works on designated waterways via an authority permit in accordance with the CMA’s by-law number four, Waterways Protection.

The types of works that require approval from the CMA includes, but is not limited to:

  • waterway crossings – bridges, fords, culverts and repairs to existing crossings
  • stabilisation – erosion management
  • vegetation – vegetation removal including removal of weed species and clearing of fallen timber
  • works – stormwater outlets and pipeline crossings 
  • other structures – jetty, boat launching ramp and fishing platform
  • extractions – sand, rock or other material
  • waterway clearing – in stream vegetation, silt and sediment build up.

Some works including construction of public utilities such as sewers/ water mains, gas pipelines and public access structures do not require a works on waterways permit but authorisation for these works is still required.

People who intend to undertake works exempt from the requirement to obtain a permit must notify the CMA of the works, and undertake the works in accordance with Corangamite CMA guidelines. Work must not commence until the CMA has provided written approval. Application form

If you are unsure if what you want to do requires a permit from the CMA please send an email to

Waterway Mapping

To find out if a waterway is designated please contact the Corangamite CMA Floodplain Statutory team on 5232 9100 or

Other Approvals

Please note that other approvals may be required whether you are required to get a permit from the CMA or not.